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DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst


Webinar für Alumni

Die Alumniportal Deutschland bietet für DAAD-Alumni die Webinar-Reihe "Build your career" mit dem ersten Webinar "Career planning: How to identify your strengths and utilize them best?" an.

In sechs englischsprachigen Webinaren bis Mitte Dezember lernen Alumni alles über Berufsorientierung, Jobsuche, Bewerbung, Einstieg in den Job, Weiterentwicklung, etc.

Die Anmeldung erfolgt über den Veranstaltungskalender. Hier der Link zur Reihe mit allen Infos:

Webinar für Alumni
Invitation Webinar "Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance"

Questions on social standards implemented in companies, financial benefits of corporate social responsibility as well as quantification of non-financial services form the basis of this exclusive webinar for DAAD alumni.

When: 9 September 2015, 5 pm (UTC+2)
Where: online

The webinar will be held in English inside the exclusive group "DAAD alumni". In order to participate, you need a stable internet connection. Please register in the Alumniportal Deutschland if you have not already done so and become a member of group "DAAD alumni" prior to the event. Joining the webinar is free of charge.

If you cannot make it to the live session, the recording of the webinar will be soon after the session
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

With warm regards,
the DAAD alumni team

Webinar for Germany-Alumni
Wednesday, May 27th 2015, 7:00 pm (UTC+1): "The Role of Education for Sustainable Development"

The next session of the GAMP Academy on Sustainability will be hosted by Alumniportal Deutschland. It is jointly organized by the German-Arab Masters’ Programmes (GAMP) EMEA and INEMA in conjunction with GIZ. The webinar will give a comprehensive overview about current topics in the interface between economics, education and sustainable development with a special focus on the Middle East and North Africa Countries (MENA). How do economy and education influence each other and what is currently done to overcome obstacles in these fields? Speakers both from academics and practice look at these facets from their specific perspectives. They will raise questions and show different ways to tackle the challenges and chances the MENA region is facing.

Further Information
The webinar will be held in English inside the group "GAMP alumni". To be able to take part in the webinar, all of you have to do is join the Alumniportal Deutschland if you have not already done so and become a member of group "GAMP alumni". Joining the webinar is free of charge.

If you cannot make it to the live session, the record of the webinar will be uploaded to the group soon after the session, so that you do not have to miss out on the presentation and discussion.

Everyone is cordially invited to join! We are looking forward to seeing you for the webinar!


A volt ösztöndíjasok egyesülete már Magyarországon is!

Volt már DAAD-s ösztöndíjjal Németországban?

A DAAD nagyon szeretne kapcsolatot tartani a régi ösztöndíjasaival, miután visszatértek Németországból Magyarországra. Ön is szeretne-e kapcsolatban maradni a DAAD-val és a többi magyarországi DAAD-ösztöndíjasokkal? Akkor sok szeretettel várja Önt a Magyar DAAD Alumni Egyesület, amely 2006. nyárán hivatalosan megalakult! Már több mint 50 volt ösztöndíjas tartozik ebbe a szervezetbe.


Ameddig nincs saját honlapja a Magyar DAAD Alumni Egyesületnek, forduljon bátran emailben az egyesület vezetõségéhez az cím alatt. Az egyesület elnöke Oláh Géza.

Postai leveleket az egyesület számára a Német Felsõoktatási Információs Központ címére lehet küldeni, amely egyben az egyesület hivatalos székhelye is.

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Alumniportal Deutschland



Alumniportal Deutschland is an editorially supported social online network, which sees itself as a service for all Germany-alumni as well as for companies, networks, organizations and institutes of higher education. A unique combination of topical and emotional services with a connection to Germany and an online community opens entirely new opportunities for main-taining contacts and networks. Career opportunities, language services and both on- and of-fline events complement the online community.

"Germany-alumni" are people from all over the world who have studied, researched, worked or completed a course of advanced training in Germany. We also welcome those who have attended programmes of training or advanced training abroad with the support of a German organization. Alumniportal supports your efforts to secure, expand and apply the skills and qualifications you have obtained. It also promotes the establishment of international networks among interesting protagonists from the fields of economy, society, culture, science and re-search.

Furthermore, Alumniportal Deutschland enables companies, networks, organizations and in-stitutes of higher education to publicize their own services and to profit from the unique ex-pertise of Germany-alumni.

The portal is financed by several federal German ministries and is a joint project of Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation (AvH), the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Goethe-Institut, under the overall direction of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

On Alumniportal Deutschland, Germany-alumni can

  • Keep in touch with Germany
  • Establish new contacts and maintain existing ones
  • Take part in topical discussions, contribute their knowledge and ideas and profit by the experience of others
  • Establish contacts with organizations and companies
  • Find job vacancies and assignments and present themselves in a professional profile
  • Get information from funding organizations
  • Practice their German language skills
  • Research events and advanced training programmes
  • Stay informed on current issues

Companies and organizations can:

  • Find qualified employees, experts and contact persons
  • Publish assignments and job vacancies or view professional profiles
  • Promote events

Institutes of higher education and foundations can:

  • Recover their alumni
  • Maintain contact with their international alumni
  • Present themselves and their alumni networks
  • Promote their degree and scholarship programmes

Simply register and join the community. Registration is free of charge.




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